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Online Consultation with Health Expert, for your convenience Welcome to "Online Consultation" with our specialist doctors. AHRC doctor’s will provide you with an online solution to your problem. If you are not happy with a consultation with your own doctor or specialist or if you wish for a clarification, we welcome you to seek 'second consultation' with us or visit our clinic. Your identity and the answers will be kept totally confidential and not displayed anywhere. Due to the demand for medical consults it is sometimes difficult to answer your questions instantly; hence, the urgent consults are responded within 24 to 36 working hrs and the non-urgent are responded within 72 hrs. Disclaimer - This medical advice is not a substitute to consulting a doctor in the clinic or hospital. Medical advice asked and accepted on the Internet (without physically showing the patient) is the patient's own responsibility. Generally it is always advisable to get a physical examination of the patient while seeking medical advice. Patients are always adviced to visit clinic, physically, but if it is not possible then online consultation is a solution.

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    Saksham Sharma
    New Delhi
  • I have the problem of Leucoderma since past 10 years. I had big spots on my left leg and small spots on both feet. I started ...
    Rashmi Ghildiyal