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About Disease

Leucoderma is acquired disorder of pigmentation mainly affecting the skin in which loss of functioning of melanocyte results in white patches on the skin with varying size and location. Usually leucoderma and vitiligo are known to be synonyms but many authors have said that progressive stage of leucoderma is considered as vitiligo. Causes of leucoderma may be a combination of genetic, immunologic, biochemical and neurogenic factors.  Leucoderma is considered as a social stigma in our country. Affected individuals are always in constant depression with feeling of being socially outcast. Loss of coetaneous pigment appears to render the skin susceptible to premature ageing and cancer. Vitiligo is common skin disorder affecting about 1 to 2% of general population, irrespective of ethnic origin.
Leucoderma is a multi-factorial disease and hence there are many factors which cause formation or spreading of white patches.

1. Autoimmune Origin – Vitiligo is an auto immune disorder. Autoimmune disorders means when the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks some healthy tissues of its own body, that is self destruction of melanolytes.

2. Incompatible food habits – In Ayurveda, it is clearly mentioned that use of incompatible food can cause development of white patches. Incompatible foods like milk and fish, milk and radish, milk and salt when taken together they produce toxins.

3. Genetic – Children, whose parents have the disorder, are more likely to develop leucoderma.

4. Stress – Stress plays an important role in precipitating autoimmune diseases in patients predisposed to them.

5. Abnormal liver functions – Many skin disorders occurs because of upset of GI tract. Patients whose liver is not working normally are more prone to develop skin disorders.
6. Deficiency of micro-nutrients – Many micro nutrients like copper, vitamin B12, zinc are essential for the normal formation of melanin pigment and hence their deficiency may lead to develop white patches.

7. Intestinal parasites like Helmints, Amoeba and Giardia upset normal functioning of the digestive system and may contribute to precipitation of white patches.

8. Chemically-induced depigmentation – A number of chemicals can be blamed for precipitating a Vitiligo. Various dyes have been reported to cause vitiligo such as:

  1. Azo dye in Alta used by Indian women as a cosmetic colorant for their feet.
  2.  Hair dye.
  3. Rubber in various industries   ‘Rubber and plastic chappals’ are a well-known cause of vitiligo in India.
  4. Cinnamic aldehyde in toothpaste and the adhesive used to stick Bindi.

9. Physiological

Hormonal changes due to menarche or first occurrence of menses, Pregnancy, Delivery and menopause may aggravate leucoderma.


The major symptom of leucoderma is white patches on the skin. The most common form of leucoderma is symmetrical usually affecting the skin around the face, axilla, hands, feet and genitals. The surface of white patches is perfectly smooth, not elevated above the level of surrounding parts or depressed, pale, smooth, not scaly. The skin of white spots feels just like that of healthy adjacent parts. In the course of months and years, they increase in size and number. The white patches are most commonly found on sun-exposed areas of the body. The patches can be Focal (only a few areas affected), Segmental (one side of the body) and Generalized (on the whole body.


1.Visual and physical examination – At Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre, Ayurveda professionals diagnose skin pigmentation or appearance of white patches on skin by visual observation in clinic and they can also do physical examination of white patches for the presence of other pigmentation diseases, dermatitis and psoriasis.

2. Analysis of medical history – The medical history of patient is deeply analysed by the doctors at Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre. If the patient suffers premature greying of hair, having family history of leucoderma, having recent past sunburn or burn injury, any physical or mental stress are likely to be developed in white patches.

3. Laboratory test –

  • Biopsy test is done to diagnose vitiligo lesion.
  • Blood test is done to check the presence of autoimmune disease by looking for the anti-nuclear antibodies.


Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre is a specialist centre for treating leucoderma. Patients suffering from leucoderma are treated with utmost responsibility and humanity. The complete treatment of Leucoderma at Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre is done on the basis of three parameters. The Parameters are as follows


  1. Treatment with patented ayurvedic medicines: In the first and the foremost step, the patients are deeply analysed by the ayurvedic physicians at Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre and are given their suitable herbal preparations. Ayurvedic medicines increase patient’s metabolism to fight with Leucoderma.
  2. Food: Ayurvedic treatment is one of those methods which run parallel to the dietary habits of the patients. The stricter you are with your Dietary plans, the more your patented ayurvedic medicines will show the result. Physicians at Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre thoroughly advise the patients of leucoderma to intake a proper diet and to follow up a diet plan.
  3. Lifestyle: Lifestyle here defines that a person who is suffering from leucoderma should always be motivated and should be full of positive energy. For this parameter, patients are given proper counselling and are motivated to socialise, to travel and to meet friends. Patients are advised to come out of the stress of having Leucoderma and should start taking it positively. This is how a patient’s lifestyle is developed and nurtured at Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre.

Also, Ayurvedic Physicians at Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre use unique medicines which are developed under exhaustive scientific   studies developed by Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) establishing its efficacy and safety in the treatment of Leucoderma.

Dietary Advice

The patients suffering from Leucoderma, at Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre, are advised to take a proper and nutritional diet. Food that is excessively sour should be avoided. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is known to inhibit the production of the melanin, the colour pigment. Patients with Leucoderma are suggested to refrain from citrus fruits, yogurt, pickles, etc. Non-vegetarian food is better avoided, as much as possible, as they act as a foreign body to pigment cells. Also, patients should avoid junk food. Proper diet having Carrots, Beetroots and bottle gourd should be taken. Aimil’s team of proficient doctors also suggest that the overnight soaked Bengal Gram and Almonds are beneficial for the patients of Leucoderma.

Physical Activities

In profound study of Leucoderma at Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre, reports have shown that exercise during the acute phase may help preserve the physical capacity of the patients. Thus some physical exercises can help in swift treatment of Leucoderma.

Also, our skin and any of its problems responds positively to yoga. Thus yoga is one of those ancient therapies which enable you to fight with your skin problems. The prohibition of Alcohol and smoking will also solve your skin problems.

Maintaining a motivated and cherished lifestyle is the primary physical treatment advised by Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre. An enthusiastic style of living can overcome any disease on this globe.

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