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Aimil Healthcare & Research Centre is a habitat for the cause of humanity. Team AIMIL has an exceptional vision of serving the mankind with the benefits of Ayurveda. The vision is gradually transformed into a mission when AIMIL take the legacy of Ayurveda forward and scatter humanity by healthy, meaningful and cherished lifestyle of society. From 2011 Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre has entrenched them in Delhi and are serving in the meadow of Ayurveda accompanied by the captivating Ayurvedic Physicians under the suervision of Dr. Nikita Kohli.


The vision of Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre is determined with the philosophy of providing affordable and quality healthcare for all in India, through the widespread of Ayurveda to every corner in the country. Aimil also aim to provide a ray of hope among patients who have unfortunately turned themselves hopeless due to consecutive unsuccessful treatments of chronic ailments. Taking a step forward, Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre also have a vision of making INDIA a LEUCODERMA FREE NATION by the end of 2030.

To bring about and accomplish these visions, Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre is steadily indulging in the activities which can make the visualised pathway much more crystal. Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre hold Daily OPD consultation by a team of specialist Ayurvedic physicians. Aimil also initiate various camps in various cities of India to benefit the patients. Also to assist those, who are unable to visit Aimil Healthcare and research Centre, Aimil provide free online consultancy to purview maximum patients.

Creating a milestone, Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre has registered more than 20000 patients with the tremendous ratio of success. The increasing numbers showcase the adaptation of vision into reality and reaching the indigent.


Having a dynamic vision, Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre also adapt its mission of enriching its branches targeted to 10 branches in different cities of India by 2016 and over 50 branches till the end of 2020. Also in the age of technology, Aimil will gradually develop the satellite clinic to provide medical facilities and consultancy in rural areas.

Our Values
  • Admiration and deserving respect to our Patients & Colleagues.
  • Encourage innovation in every forthcoming project.
  • Providing the apical quality of healthcare.
  • Demonstrate considerations for privacy & dignity.
  • Re-assure patient’s mind and proper discussions with individuals.
  • Ensure to achieve the highest standards of patient’s safety.
  • Unified work for the achievement of outstanding results.
  • Take pride in our success.
  • Explore and extend the boundaries of Research, Technology & Clinical practice to give us a competitive edge.