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The true encouragement behind the initiation of AIMIL HEALTHCARE AND RESEARCH CENTRE is the distinguished and superlative performance of AIMIL Pharmaceuticals who has reached through the masses and to those outskirts where no medical consultation reached earlier. With Aimil’s medical professionals and the affirmation of quality herbal preparations, the solutions for the big challenges like Leucoderma, Renal Stones, Diabetes, etc have been taken out. Also with the reference of Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre’s vision of providing affordable and quality healthcare for all in India and covering all those rural and remote areas, an urge was felt to develop the platform where the suffering masses can head and can consult the proficient physicians for expert medical advices for excellent therapeutic outcome. The main provision for Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre is to create a wide staging for commonalty to consult the expert physicians to resolve their queries and get highly promising treatment by attending the clinics or contacting them on telephones, emails or website. Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre also take forward the legacy of Ayurveda. The principles, therapies and the ancient aspects of Ayurveda are thoroughly followed and adapted. Aimil Healthcare and Research centre believes in providing the Ayurveda treatments along with developing a healthy lifestyle.

"Aiming to reach the last mile for the treatment of difficult to treat diseases like Leucoderma, Renal Stones, Diabetes, PCOS etc with the Ayurvedic Experts and Herbal Prescriptions"

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Health is an integral part of every being and we are committed to improve the quality of life through the promulgation of natural remedies with established efficacy & safety across the globe extensively. The success of Aimil Healthcare & Research Centre is a result of the joint efforts of all our team members. We are aware that success usually does not happens by itself, but it is founded on self disciplines, hard work, combined & committed efforts of AIMILIAN’s and satisfied patients.

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